Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Therapy


Microdermabrasion is an amazingly simple but remarkably effective cosmetic treatment for skin rejuvenation. It is essentially a deep exfoliating procedure which revitalises the skin. Microdermabrasion also stimulates collagen production which helps to thicken and plump out the skin. This treatment will leave your skin smoother, creating a healthy glow.

Providing an effective mechanical peeling of the skin, microdermabrasion only works on the epidermal layer of the skin. It is fast and pain free, leaving little or no redness.  Microdermabrasion can be used to treat:

  • Ageing and sun-damaged skin
  • Altered pigmentation
  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged and clogged pores

Treatment time is less than an hour so does not interrupt your busy schedule.

At Reveal, we use the most powerful and clinically effective equipment available. It uses medical grade aluminium oxide crystals that are vacuumed across the outer surface of the skin at high velocity. This gives a medical grade exfoliation that is more intense and more effective than other microdermabrasion treatments that simply polish the skin temporarily.

Our dermal therapists assess your suitability for treatment and also advise you about any risks. We aim to revitalise your skin without over-treatment.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy improves cell nourishment, oxygenation and detoxification to all layers of the skin and continues to the capillary system. This treatment aids anti-ageing effects, maintains healthy skin, cleanses and enhances metabolism. Healthy younger looking skin needs oxygen.