Facial Treatments

REVEAL IPL & SKIN CLINIC offer facial treatments to leave the skin looking and feeling radiant.  We recommend these treatments for special occasions as there is no downtime and they are also great way to face your weekend.

Custom Infusion Mask: An advanced transdermal delivery vehicle specifically engineered to rapidly transport actives into the skin.  This mask combined with concentrated extracts is tailored for skin-firming, clarifying/lightening, rosacea and anti-redness, blemish and oil control.

Hydrating Mask: A hydrating facial mask with patented growth factors.  This mask nourishes and re-energises dry, ageing and sun-damaged skin.

Calming Masque: A soothing facial mask that gently calms dry, sensitive, irritated and post-procedure skins.

Medi-Facials: Formulated to address improved skin health. Anti oxidants, pH balancing and detox related products are used to assist in treating common skin conditions. The results are fantastic.